Shoulder and chest workout – small resistance band


Standing chest and shoulder workout with figure 8 exercise band.

All you need for the workout is either a figure 8 band, a circular band or a flat yoga band. With the flat yoga band you can just fold the band so its half the size, then firmly grasp with hands place either end.

These are resistance band exercises that focus on strengthening your shoulders and toning your chest.

Muscles; Shoulders, delts and chest.

1. Hold on the handles or and with overhand grip and arms fully extended keeping a slight bend at knee.

2. Keep arms in same position throughout exercise  the palms facing each other  arms straighten position.

3. In a controlled movement move both arms laterally away from center of body position, move as far as possible then hold for one second then return to start position. Keep doing this until reps are finished.

If your a beginner with the exercises please take care and stretch to half your maximum strength.

When using the small band make sure you complete the exercises with a slow controlled movement.

A moderate level of fitness is required to complete this exercise.

This is a short workout routine complete with the figure 8 resistance- workout 9 minutes maximum.

3 sets of 10 reps in all 3 positions.

Rest periods between sets

  • Beginner –  2 minutes
  • Intermediate – 1 minute
  • Advanced – 10 seconds
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