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I’ve been doing Skype personal resistance band training with Rene for a couple of months now and it has been a great experience!

I had never used Skype before and certainly never had a personal trainer, but Rene quickly put me at my ease and took a lot of trouble to find out what was the right exercise programme for me.  Even now, my programme is very flexible and he will alter it according to need (eg.  holidays, other sporting activities, running races etc.)  It really is personal training!

As for Skype, it really helps me to see a live demonstration of the exercises and actually copy someone (I’m not the most co-ordinated of people!)You can also get instant feedback on whether you are doing an exercise correctly which helps you form good habits and saves you wasting time on wrong movement.  It’s easy too, of course training at home as I can look after the kids at the same time.  There’s always time to chat too, so you can discuss any questions or problems and I’ve received lots of useful tips. Rene is an excellent instructor and explains things very clearly and not too fast.

Between Skype sessions, I have an on-line programme to follow and knowing I have another Skype session coming up is a great motivator to get on with it!

I have seen noticeable results on the parts of my body that needed most attention (arms and upper body) – definitely firmer and more toned.

All in all, a five star ***** recommendation!




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