How to use the kinetic leg exercise band set

This is an instructional video on how to use the resistance leg bands. I am strong believer of the leg bands and would strongly recommend using them for speed increase , plyometeric and kinetic sport training.

Often people have seen the video on youtube but aren’t quite sure how to wear them properly. This is a video that shows you how to wear them and use them correctly.

The band package comes with two leg straps which fit around the higher thigh, you can adjust the leg cuff size to fit upper and lower legs for training different muscle groups.


Designed to help lower body improvement for sports like ; football, rugby, hockey, tennis, running, sprinting, jumping, basketball, netball etc.

  • Strengthening – joints and bones
  • Flexibility – more range of movement
  • Muscle power & strength
  • Plyometrics training- faster body movements

These leg straps are awesome tools in development  of motor skill training;

  • balance
  • speed
  • strength
  • stamina

Using the bands adds more resistance into normal exercises like squats, lunges, knee raises, half jacks, full jacks, etc.

To view the item please follow

If you would like too look at details of weights and pictures of the sets please follow the link above.
The full 13 piece set is available from fitnesshealth for only £13.99 with free P&P in the UK .


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