Punch training with resistance bands

How to complete punch training with resistance bands.

Resistance bands are amazing for punching, from a training point of view using resistance bands with boxing training is truly awesome. The main reason for this is for one simple factor;  They defy the laws of gravity, resistance bands aren’t heavy and don’t hold much weight. They’re so diverse and adjustable, you can exercise and train every directional body movement .  Using the bands in boxing can deliver awesome results.

Example,  if you punch with a weight, then you’re shifting the weight through the air but you still have the gravity pulling the weight towards the floor.

Resistance band training works differently, if you punch with the band then you’re applying force with the movement, this helps target the correct muscles you need to strengthen for that exercise.

Here is a video that explains the basic details of resistance band punch training.

Please note these exercises are advanced and should be carried out with correct supervision.

Make sure the door anchor is firmly held in the door frame, also make sure that nobody uses or opens the door during training.

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