Review target fitness watch 3D

Review: target fitness running watch 3D.-

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Colour – Black

This target 3D running watch was tested on a 10 km run.

The comfort of the watch was good, the watch has two strong black straps which make sure the watch stays in place and doesn’t shake around throughout the run. With a ten hole on the strap it can fit super thin and big thick wrists.

First finding the right settings was a little difficult. The watch has four different modes; pedometer mode, chronograph mode, normal mode and alarm mode.

There are two step counting features, one for daily walking and the other is for running. You can use this for trekking, walking, hiking and running.

With the pedometer their is no activity for the first minute, until the watch takes a reading of once stride and pace, after one minute the pedometer starts.

I used the chronograph mode for my run, after setting the watch to this mode it was surprisingly easy. This is impressive as I only pressed two buttons then started my run. Throughout the run it gave me a accurate reading of running speed and distance completed.

During the run the watch also keeps a record of your calories burn’t, I found it very useful as I had the complete details of my run when completed. I used the save option to record the data from my run for the next training session.

The watch has a power saving mode which is very useful for battery life. The display is large and clear, also has a back light option for night running.


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