How to motivate myself


The most important subject in any fitness program is this: what level is your motivation?

The one thing I notice from writing programs for my clients is that motivation changes throughout the week. It depends on weather, diet, social events, time-scale and family matters. There are many different reasons why our motivation changes from day to day.

The first stage to gain motivation is to find a sport or hobby you are interested in doing and then you need to think how successful you want to be in that event. I went to the gym for five years thinking I was highly motivated. However, the truth was that I had motivation to go to the gym, but I found out later that I had no motivation in the gym.

What were my goals ?

What did I want to achieve ?

The most important issue is to know what you want and set yourself a goal, After five years I decided I was bored with the gym and lifting weights; I needed a change. A few days later, I overheard to a couple of people chatting about a triathlon and I thought to myself why not try a triathlon? It was something completely new for me a whole lifestyle change. I have never felt better.: I have a reason to go training and this makes a huge difference in performance and thought.

I record everything I do in a diary. On completion of each daily program, I log it into the diary. This gives me huge satisfaction each day and I can look back and see that every day has meaning – no day is wasted!


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