Fitness helps your self esteem.







What is self esteem ?

Having a high self-esteem means to have high thoughts of yourself and others.

Self-esteem thinking as your sense of worth, how you think or feel about yourself?

Having a high self-esteem is a little different from having a high level of confidence, when you have a good self esteem , you’re more sure of your opinions and find it easy to make decisions. You not only think of yourself but you often think of others when making decisions.

Having a high self esteem can help you with friendships, relationships and assist your work supporting and helping others. People needing comfort, help, information and courtesy from yourself is not a problem .

Often people with high levels of self –esteem expect other people to like and accept  you,  you should have a nice outgoing  personality and enjoy company from others.

Gifts that can benefit yourself from having a high self esteem ;

Being calm, relaxed , energetic, open, expressive, positive, self-reliant, sociable, assertive, well nurtured.

Just think, if everyone in the world had a high self esteem, how beautiful would our world be ?

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