There are three different types of metabolism: Vegetarian, Dual-Metabolism and Fast Metabolism.


If when eating large amount of protein- based meals you often feel tired, this could mean that you might be a vegetarian body type. Your body will burn carbohydrates and sugar very slowly, leaving you feeling bloated or heavy. If you suffer from these symptoms, you should eat more complex carbs as these are easier for the body to break down and digest.

Complex carbs food sources are: pasta, potatoes, cereals, broccoli, green beans, spinach, legumes, sweet corn, rice and wholegrain products.


This is the most common human body metabolism. Dual-metabolism is an efficient balanced diet, keeping a good link between protein and carbohydrates. These two nutrients should not be eaten at the same time. A healthy diet with dual-metabolising means you should make more combinations between fats and proteins, carbs and dairy products.

Making sure you maintain a correct balance of food nutrients is essential; if you eat fats and proteins for lunch then you should eat carbs and dairy products for dinner.


Are you athletic and energetic after eating a large protein- based meals? Then you are likely to fall into the fast-metabolising category. Normally people with a fast metabolism break down protein fast within the liver often protein is converted into glycogen, which is then converted into glucose.

Glucose is the energy source for the body, which is why you feel over-active and burst with energy.

This is the best metabolism, often found in professional athletes.

Metabolism can change and are not always guaranteed to stay the same. Often lymph glands have an effect how metabolisms operate.


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