How the liver works with detoxing


Our liver is one of the most important internal body organs, filtering the blood stream is one of the main jobs the liver is responsible for, it removes and flushes all the baddies from our internal body system .

Did you know that you only need three days for a total  body detox diet? the best way to do this is by following the cycle below.

Removing the baddies from your body’s system doesn’t take long, three days is all the time your body needs to filtrate your liver and recover fast.

The 72 hour detox method

During this period its important to avoid Fatty foods, carbs & sugary foods. salt and caffeine.

During each day eat mostly raw vegetables, lettuce and fruits. Then in the evening eat more protein based foods like beans , eggs, fish or meat.  Eat clean no fatty foods which are low in all the above.

Its good to drink hot herbal tea instead of coffee and you need to consume a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day.

Its important the the liver has all the nutrients it needs for each phase of the detox, so it can process and work properly.


Cycle 1 – 36 hours 
Toxic chemicals are picked up by the body’s blood system.

Cycle 2 – 36  hours
Toxins are sorted out and sectioned, (like waste at a recycling plant).
Each toxin must be joined with a nutrient before it can leave the body.


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