How much protein is in the human body

  • After water protein is the next largest single constituent of our body.
  • Around 17 percent of the body tissue is made up from proteins

All the body proteins are continually being broken down and replaced.

Some of them are discarded daily and an equivalent amount must be provided in the diet.

Still the quantity required even for muscle building athletes is not that large.

Most people on the western diet eat a good deal more protein than they actually need, excessive protein intake can be bad, as the body doesn’t store the  protein as protein but stores it as fat .

  • Parmesan cheese and low- fat soya  both contain a higher percentage of protein than meat.
  • Fish, other kinds of cheese, eggs, nuts, dried beans and peas are all reasonably good sources of protein.

The best complete proteins are obtained through these food sources:

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Meats
  • Dairy (milks & cheese)
  • Soy beans

Not all proteins are the same most are different,  for example protein that comes from milk differs from protein in cereals, and the protein you intake from  in liver is a different  protein that you gain from eating eggs.

All proteins are made up of a combination of chemical components called amino- acids. These amino acids are released into the blood stream during digestion, and are carried around the body to replace and replenish wherever they’re needed,  reassembling body proteins.

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