Breast implants have no link to cancer

This week an investigation into a French company was made due to aligations that their breast implants could be a risk to former patients, the investiation took place after a french woman died from a rare type of cancer. The cancer is known as ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) 34 cases world wide from women with breast implants.

The company had implanted an unapproved gel implants in patients which could be labled as harmful, over 30,000 patients may be advised by French medical athorities to remove their implants  the next few months.

The UK MRHA consultant ‘Douglas McGeorge’ placed a statement regarding the cancer link,

“The MHRA has reviewed available evidence for association of cancers for women with breast implants in consultation with the relevant UK professional bodies for breast surgery and surgical oncology and has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to indicate any association with cancer.


“Additionally, the MHRA worked with the cancer registry and could find no evidence for any association.


“The MHRA’s current advice to women with any type of breast implant continues to be that women who are concerned about their breasts or think that their implants may have ruptured, should seek clinical advice from their implanting surgeon.”


Investigations still go into the risk of breast implants and the link ALCL

We have attached a video with more information on ALCL  from the FDA gov

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