About health food and why its so important

People often wonder about health and why its so important

Over the past fifty years our diets have changed dramatically, now with a huge selection of frozen foods prepared for us most people have lost the gift of cooking good healthy homemade meals. Also with work times increasing people struggle to find time to make and prepare foods for themselves.

The best way to be healthy is by eating nutritious foods which can supply our body with the all important vitamins and minerals we need on a day to day basis. Instead of relying on supplements to help make us healthy, we need to take control of what we eat.








Help yourself, the food pyramid was launched in the 1980’s by the government too control and advise nutrition across the nation and give the public advice, since then we have seen a dramatic turn in obesity levels, they have risen nearly 900% since then, studies have shown that we overindulge in high fat foods and we still don’t eat enough vegetables and fruit in our daily diet .

Fruit has to be the easiest food to prepare and we as a nation only intake on average one serving per every day, help yourself with the right foods sources.

Here are some ideas that can help you get some healthy nutrients into your system .

Make more smoothies – easy to make all you need it a blender, can be a great way to get children to intake more nutrients, as they cant see what inside the smoothie, its an easy way to hide ingredients.

Use less bread – bread has a big link to obesity and too much can cause health problems later in life, try using foods alternatives, bread and pasta can often bloat the stomach and cause constipation. Try using whole wheat crackers, tortilla wraps and wheat free products more.

Eat more greens – Spinach will help increase your vitamin B intake , also men whom ate at folate-rich diet were shown to have 20 percent  fewer sperm abnormalities, Spinach is a great nutrient provider for the body, helping with eye sight, sperm count, folate, iron and magnesium. A handful of spinach a day will help keep the doctor away.

Over the next few years the world is going to change, food prices are going to raise with the cost of living, the good old days where food and drink is cheap are slowly disappearing.  If you have a garden its a good idea to start putting it to use. I can’t emphasize how important it is to know where your food comes from, as food prices rise people will look for alternative ways to feed animals and plants.

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