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The brain is very powerful and through our lifetime we use normally 4 -10 % of its total energy, that leaves us with a whopping 90-96 % of the brain unused. This seems a little crazy, we have the greatest computer in our head and we use such a little part of its total capability.

Here is a quick test you can use to show how powerful your brain auctally is, we will grow the length of your fingers, not to worry this test want make you mad. But it will make one hand bigger than the other with your mind.

  • Put your hands up infront of your face and focus on the lines of the wrists where the hands join.
  • Place your hands together so that these lines are inline which each other, make the pray posisiton with the hands to see which fingers are bigger.
  • Put the hand with the long fingers down and keep the other hand in the air
  • Close your eyes and concentrate with your mind , repeat to yourself in your mind ‘ fingers are growing , longer and longer ‘ for 1 minute
  • Once minute is complete put your fingers back together, open your eyes and compare once more by lining up the wrist lines.
  • What do you find?
  • Sure your fingers have grown and are now much bigger than the others, you can repeat this process with the other hand, and before you know it the other hand has become bigger once again.

As you are aware your hands are not growing longer and smaller, but your mind has made the change making this possible. Welcome to the ‘ The world of illusion’ with in our own brain.

This is how inner healing can become real, if we believe something enough and focus on that thought we can kill off baddies from entering our body, you will have the ultimate gift of all the power to heal yourself , mentally.

Being able to control our mind and use it to the way we want can have amazing benefits and give great outcomes in all life, inner vision is the key to healthy life!




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