Keep sprinting for speed increase

If you are training to increase your speed, then you need to keep training continuously.

Did you know that if you take a break from training when training to increasing your speed all your hard effort can be lost, It’s important to train at a  high intensity level to make sure you maintain and develop your speed increase.

Make sure that you change your training plan regular as this will keep you and your body at peak performance, too much training can lead to over training and can have a reverse effect on muscle fibres. Training hard with the same workout will burn your muscles and you out.

Don’t tense your muscles, make sure that your upper body is lose and relaxed, drop the shoulders, keep arms and jaw relaxed.

New evidence shows that running downhill can increase speed, the motion with less gravity, sprinters are encouraged to run full speed down hills as a recent study has shown that this training will increase your speed with body movement  memory making the body use to working the muscles at a faster rate.

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