Natural remedies law

European Regulations on natural remedies, are about to change a new system is being produced by the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) and will become active next year. All herbal remedies, vitamins and nutritional supplements will be under investigation and new laws we be coming into effect in April 2o12 they will enforced across the EU a guide for consumer protection.

The hebal products and health supplements industry has trippled over the last few years, lots of companies has jumped on the band wagon for herbal remedies, the industry has been unrescited and easy to access.

If these rules come into force then they will be regulated across 26 conutries of the EU.

This could mean bad news for a lot of natural and altenative medinces of the 44,000 health claims that were submitted, only 224 were approved on the draft list.

Because of this a number of plant-based ingredients are still undergoing approval.


 Source From 44,000 to 224 — the Great EU Health Claims Cull, published online,





approach to all vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, is being enforced under the guise of ‘consumer protection’. Along with this, the EU Food Supplements Directive (EUFSD) will legally implement the harmonised, maximum permitted levels (MPLs) for food supplements and fortified foods throughout Europe.

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