how to test fitness

Do you want to test how fit you are?

Then test yourself, using the 1 minute sit-up test.

The Purpose for this test is to measure the combination of strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles by counting the number of reps achieved in one minute.

This is one of the easiest test routines for trainers and teachers, a simple test of muscle endurance and an easy way to see the development of fitness training


Not suitable for any person suffering with lower back pain or neck problems

You will need someone to hold you and help count for accurate readings.


How to test fitness 

Lay on mat or supported surface, knees bent 90 degrees with feet slightly apart

Arms should be crossed and hands placed on the opposite shoulder

The ankles should be lightly held to avoid movement

Every sit up requires person to come all the way up and curl back down in a controlled movement without bouncing, 20cm from the floor is great before coming back up to vertical position

When sit up is correctly understood and completed safe, begin the test, start the clock and count every time the exerciser comes too knees.

Continue for one minute, breaks are aloud at any time, try to co-ordinate exercisers breathing by counting loud with every rep achieved.

Average reps achieved



Age           sex      Excellent     Above Average         Below Average   Poor         

-20             M          +49               48-44                    43-37            36-24                -24 

-20             F            +42               41-32                    31-25            24-19                -19  

21-30        M          +44               43-39                     38-32            31-20                -20               

21-30        F            +36               35-27                     29-22            23-17                -16

31-50        M          +39               38-30                     29-23            22- 15               -14

31-50        F            +30               29-24                     23-15            14-10                  -9


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