How to keep hydrated

How to keep hydrated

  • The body is made for 60% water
  • Our body needs 8 glasses of water per day – 2.5 litres
  • Signs of dehydration

percentages of dehydration ( loss of water) and signs.












  • 1% loss = thirsty
  • 2-3% loss = body heat grows higher
  • 4% loss = decrease in endurance performance 20%-30%
  • 5-6% loss = Heat cramp, chill & nausea
  • 6-10% loss  = dizzy & headaches
  • 10% + loss = heat stroke, no sweat or urine

Most of use will relise, when we exercise we often immediately go into dehydration loss levels 1-3%.

To keep hydrated you need to drink water every 10-15 minutes before, during, post exercise.

  1. 15 minutes before –  water or  hypo tonic drink
  2. Continue throughout exercise every 10 minutes- water or Isotonic drink
  3. 15 minutes post exercise – water or hyper tonic drink


We loss water in our body from, sweating, urine, water vapor and feces

The two main areas  where water is stored in the body

1. inter cellular fluid – millions of these cells in the body which hold water

2. Outercelluer fluid-  these are cells within blood plasma, spinal fluid etc.

Functions of water

  • Assists in detoxation removing of all the toxins in our system
  • Is the main part of spinal fluid
  • Provides body form and structure
  • Represents blood plasma
  • Transports many nutrients and gases around the body

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