activities for kids

Activities for kids

The importance of exercise for children can’t afford to be missed. Children are now experiencing the lowest activity levels ever.

Kids today are eating more sugary foods and less likely to conduct the appropriate levels of movement required and necessary for development in basic movement.

Without the basic movement abilities children are more prone to suffer from diease and injury early on in life, people often think that we are born with basic movement patterns, this is untrue, we learn and develop these skills early in life and as we grow we progress.

Our body’s grow and work the way we teach, our brain works like a computer,  every movement has a pattern which is planned out. The brain makes this plan and tells our body what, when and how to conduct each movement.

Today’s children are missing the basic movement patterns, once a pattern has been logged into the brain is hard to change, sometimes this can result in posture problems later on in life. Every move we make it is essential to get it right, balance, strength, control and movement.

Repeating the same move over and over can reset the brains pattern, making it able to change and reset the movement to the correct way, this takes time and effort.

It’s best for the children to engage in vigorous, fun, exhilarating physical movement games, learning experiences during school, sports and play time.

Good for kids, running, jumping, riding, skipping, swimming,cricket, football, rugby. hockeyetc

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