Interval training

Interval training is the quickest way to lose fat and get fit.

If you follow a few simple techniques when your conducting a training session,  you can double your reward and become fitter faster.

 In the warm up

when warming up get the heart at 50% max heart rate for 5 minutes, this will increase the body output ready for main exercise session.

 During the main

Interval is the key for the main session, its important to use this method of training as it has been proven to be best fitness for the human body, making us faster, quicker and thinner. Interval training is easy, all you need is a heart rate watch and your ready to do the session.

Interval example,

rowing machine;

Row for 2 minutes on level 7, 90% max heart rate

Then row for 3 minutes on level 10, 35% max heart rate

Repeat this method six times.

This can be used in cycling, rowing , running or swimming

Its been proven that interval training can burn more than nine times the fat, than you would if you ran slower pace for a longer period of time.



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