how to correct your posture

How to maintain the perfect posture requires minimal energy and effort

Posture training is often left out from training plans yet its important, maintaining good posture throughout life is essential, Posture benefits  help with everyday life, fitness ,jobs, gardening, running, dancing or cleaning.

Good posture controls our balance.

Balance controls our bodies ability to run, carry, jump, walk, push, bend and reach!

If you have a bad posture you are more prone to back injury, back pain, falls, accidents and osteoarthritis.

This is why posture should be the first and foremost importance in fitness and health training, to impilment into your daily life, exercises routines and work .

 A personal trainer should always  look at your posture first,  before writing any plan or program its essential to get this right as any mistake in posture can lead to injury and illness. 


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