How to eat healthy

How to eat and stay Healthy

  • Eat breakfast, this is the most important meal of the day
  • Always check your food ingredients when shopping, check the labels and see whats inside.
  • Try and eat as many fruit and vegetables as possible
  • Make swaps from white bread to brown bread, white rice to brown rice etc.
  • Drink less sugary drinks and more water, average 2 litres per day
  • Always look to use alternative healthy options, cook vegetable oil when ever possible.
  • Stay away from saturated fats and margrines that contain high traces of trans fatty acids
  • Eat more spinach and green leafy vegetable as these contain high traces of magnuisum and calcium.
Here are some more tips for healthy eating


  • Its important to eat healthy meals three times per day
  • Plan your meal contents and times wisely each day,

Did you ever wonder why most Europeans stay slim? well it isn’t because they eat less calories, and it certainly isn’t because they’re more active than us.

The reason why Europeans are slimmer than your average British citizen is for something which diet experts call ‘ frontloading’, this term means you consume most of your calories earlier in the day and eat lightly in the evening.

Also eating more carbohydrates late in the day has shown an increase in obesity levels.

A recent study has shown that people who skipped breakfast or lunch,  consuming most of their calories in their evening meal had a lower metabolism than ‘frontloaders’,

Evidence  showed that ‘frontloaders’ body’s responded better to insulin in the morning,  this will give the body more capability of handling carbohydrates, fats and proteins  effectively.





Healthy Carrot, ginger  & cumin soup


  • 1 kg carrots peeled & chopped
  • 3 large onions peeled and diced
  • 1 small cut of fresh ginger
  • 20 g cumin ground
  • 10g ground coriander
  • 5g cumin & coriander seeds
  • 1 tin  coconut milk 300g
  • pinch salt and pepper
  • 2 litres stock ( chicken or vegetable)




  1. Boil water, add chicken or vegetable stock to boiling water and mix
  2.  Place prepared carrots and onions into boiling stock and leave on the heat for 20 minutes until carrots are cooked fully
  3.  add the salt, pepper, spices and ginger and blend together then add coconut milk
  4.  cook for a further 5 minutes, keep stirring then serve hot.


You can always finish with a pinch of fresh herbs to make it special.






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