How to live healthy

How to live healthy


Healthy living is not as hard as you think, often lots of words will fly around your head and stress your brain into thinking its such a hard challenge. Well for some of us healthy living is not the way we desire life, but for most of us its important that we want to live long and have a fulfilled life. 

You can live long and healthy without avoiding all the bad foods, of course you can eat ice cream and have chocolate sauce with nuts, of course you can have extra cheese on your burger and you can sure eat fish and chips.

Being healthy does not mean losing all the treats and living on nuts and seeds, our brain sometimes over exaggerates change. Change such a big word ! soon as the brain hears this word it triggers patterns that can lead to hurt, pain, bad felling and biggest guilt!

Guilt about all the chocolate you’ve snacked on, guilt on the fitness program you never started, guilt on all the crisps you ate last night.

So if change gives you all this guilt, what can you do to help it?

First you need to stop thinking your making such a massive change to your life, exercise is great and I love the feeling I get during, after not before. Even being fitness professional we still get the same patterns, as normal people , because after all we are normal people, not super crazy seed loving hippies that run all the time.

If I think about going for a run , I most probably want, because as soon as a question goes to the brain all these other questions are triggered at the same time, so the easiest thing is not to think about it.

Just do it, without thinking is best, don’t plan to much and just get going.

So lets make a start click here 

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