how to save money on meal deals

Here are some pointers on how to keep yourself healthy when out food Shopping

When we purchase food for ourselves we often get pulled in by deals  which supermarkets and shops offer , try to stay away from the offers and deals as most of the foods which they are selling are bad.

Next time you go shopping check out what foods are discounted, normally microwaved meals, ready cooked items, crisps, chocolate, cakes and sweets. What you normally won’t find is healthy food offers, like fruit, vegetables etc.

Here is one of the biggest deals in the UK which everyone nearly goes for on lunch breaks

The famous Meal Deal

a drink, sandwich and chocolate bar all for 2.99.

Great deal, cheap and easy.

Freshly baked roll 30p, 2 slices of cheese 45p, 1 lt water 39p and an apple 20p all this comes to 1.45

If in a supermarket go to the deli counter and get a slice of meat or cheese for 50p.

Normally if you do this in a pair then you will save extra,

The deals are always set out to look like your making a big save, when the matter of truth they don’t save you money.

look for your own meal deal and I am sure you will cut this offer in half!

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