Bands to workout

These bands are awesome with workouts, they can be adapted to any exercise routine.  It doesn’t matter about your background, your age, or your specific need, the one thing common to success is motivation and a sense of fun, which I believe is crucial for real fitness, extra happiness, even life in general.

That’s why a gym in the bag fitness plan made with our expertise can help you get the most out of your effort. Resistance Band Training benefits: Resistance Bands offer a wide range of flexibility and strengthening exercises. When used as a part of a structured program, resistance bands will produce results after just one workout session.

Different levels of training are available depending on individual goals. Resistance Bands are compact and portable, they can be taken anywhere! Inexpensive, and can be used by everyone.

Here is one exercise which is great for developing and toning triceps, a great exercise to remove the flabby bits located at the back of the arm.

Bent over Tricep pull backs

Muscles; Triceps, shoulders & biceps
1. Stand with knees bent & back straight, hands holding both handles palms towards you, arms straightened forwards.

2. Nicely controlled with straighten arms and extend pass shoulders as far as you can reach.

3.Hold for 2 seconds and return to start position.

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