Bands to workout

Fitness is on a new horizon, wave goodbye to the expensive monthly memberships and pick up your bands, the new workout programs are arriving. Resistance bands and suspension bands are leading fitness to a new revolution, these bands can be transported anywhere, easy to store and deliver great results in all aspects of fitness.

They’re fully adaptable and can be placed into any fitness program, helping us target specific muscles and areas of the body. Training with these bands offers an increase in strength, range of movement and muscle.

Physiotherapists use these bands like a chef uses a knife, the reason is simple. Because they don’t apply fiction on joints and muscles when exercising, the bands are unlike dumbell’s, weights machines and free weights, when lifting with bands you can control the movement and don’t put any unnecessary pressure on the joints.

Developing Kinetic fitness and improving plyometrics is essential for serious athletes, most sports require high standard of balance, speed, agility, stamina and control. Check out kinetic bands for more information on increasing these aspects of fitness.


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