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Its important to keep yourself packed full of energy for weight gain and growth.

For the younger athletes to maintain  a good weight and to keep energy levels high its essential to keep fueling the body. The young sport professionals of today have a strict health and diet programs which are designed for high energy  impact, explosion movements, endurance and strength gains.

Diets are very important both for the athlete and trainer, the trainer needs to know the exact energy levels with in the athlete so they can work them to the correct intensity without burning them out.

If you need to gain weight the best way is snacking,

Weight gain and high energy snacks


  • Cheese – sliced, cubed or grilled on toast
  • Porridge with fruit and milk
  • Cereals wholegrain with whole milk
  • Muffins, scones, rolls or bagels
  • Jam or honey on toast
  • Sandwich- peanut butter, chicken, cheese, ham , tuna or even banana
  • Dried fruit with nuts
  • Nuts – mixed with no salt
  • Bread – malt loaf, fruit bread, sundried tomato bread or olive bread


Normally a young athlete would consume seven snacks or meals per day.

It’s important to gain weight naturally, most weight gain shakes and supplements are pack full of baddies which are no good for the inner body organs or digestion.


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