Is whey protein good for you?

Whey is not the whey forward! do you really know what whey is?

Whey is a by product of cheese production, its a smelly yellow vile looking substance that  was classed as toxic waste twenty five years ago. The reason for whey to be such a high classified of waste was because of the difficulty to dispose of the product. Whey is one hundred to two hundred times more pollutant than normal sewage, and cannot be treated in a normal sewage plant process.

It can’t be dumped in water or can’t be stored in the ground, this is because it sucks the moisture and oxygen from its surrounding sources. It used to be given to pigs to eat but the process became to expensive.

In what way do you think its disposed of today ?

Its amazing that you now find it on shop shelves, bodybuilding shops are built with whey these days.It’s not just in supplements, milkshakes, hot milky drinks and most dairy products but also in our food.

Amazing to think that we pay money for waste these days, now the market whey has grown massive because its a cheap alternative for real food, food production and fitness supplement companies  use the most of the world whey stock. It can be found in nearly all dairy supplements, bakery products and processed foods.

Make your own shakes and include protein in your diet, know what you eat !

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