Things you need to know about asthma

We’ve recently conducted research on asthma and found some interesting facts.

For example, did you know that 1-13 of us humans sufferer from asthma?

Signs of an asthmatic

If you experience all of the following coughing, tightness from chest, wheezing or shortness of breathe earlier than others when exercising in high cardio events  like  running, swimming, rowing etc. If this sound familiar  then you could suffer from asthma, its more common to suffer from asthma at an earlier age.

Always check with your GP, who will give you a lung function test, which involves you blowing into a peak flow meter, this will determine the strength of your lungs.

Asthma is hereditary, so its often pasted through the family line. Problems with allergies can also allow the same effects of asthma in the body, so check with your GP first.

Asthma attacks often occur on exercise or events in cold weather climates, cold clouds can have a massive effect on asthma sufferers, this results in the airways drying out as a result from extra puffing through-out the exercise.

Things that can have increasing affects on asthmatics

  • Smokey surroundings and conditions
  • Pet hair
  • Dusty items and places
  • Damp places
  • Humid climate
  • Allergies


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