Changing your Workout

When you workout its important to keep changing your techniques, doing the same workout over and over will give you less gains and could burn out your muscles.

By changing your exercise routine you will be able to keep on top of your training, using different muscle groups is essential for full body development. Failing to change and adapt new techniques such as increasing number of reps, adding a new exercise or increasing weight will simply lead to nothing, they will stay the same size and no benefits will be gained. The only benefit you will gain is increasing cardio fitness in your muscles, which is good for toning but the down side is to be no muscular growth.

Stretching post workout is important to speed up the recovery process,  increasing the range of motion will help make more room for muscular growth.

You are able to benefit on visual toning of your body, when stretching we unlock more muscular fibres therefore build more muscle. You should always use flexibility training in a normal program as it will prevent injury of muscular body tissue.

Always drink protein shakes an hour post exercise, protein-carb mixture after training starts the recovery process immediately, replenishing lost glycogen stores and helps by providing the nutrients your body needs to repair muscle tissue. Skipping a shake post workout and waiting for your next protein fix an hour or more after training is not good, have your shake ready and feed your muscles so you can lock your hard work away.


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