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Joint mobility is not the same as muscle flexibility.

When exercising with mobility you will not feel the stretch unlike  flexibility where you will be sure the stretch, this is important whilst training as it shows your using the correct method.

Mobility training  is much like star jumps, running on the spot and arm circles

Flexibility training is more like yoga and pilates exercisers.

The muscle doesn’t always have to be stretched to put the joint through its full range of movement.

For example,

Hip flex ion

If you stand upright and bring your knee towards your chest.

Not much of a stretch, right?

Try stretching the opposite muscle the hamstring, you can do this easy same exercise just keep your knee straight as possible and lift up towards your chest .

Its important to use both these methods in your training routine, as the years pass and mileage piles calcium deposits on your joints, you can promote connective tissue growth in all the wrong places.

Your youthful well-oiled hinges come to a grinding halt when you cease to stretch.

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