Its time to move on and start ignoring the detoxing myths.

True or false

The only way to prologue life is by replenishing our bodies using detox diets.


The facts are simple, inside our body we each have a filter system installed, this system is known as the liver. It’s the organ which is naturally designed as a detoxing mechanism which cleans our blood stream daily through cycles, this process removes the little baddies from entering our blood stream and disposes of them.

The liver needs water to cycle, clean and remove all of the waste left from alcohol, fatty foods and any toxins that have entered into our blood.

You don’t need to do heavy detoxing, all you need is a good balanced diet.

RDA Recommended Daily Allowance can be followed easily, just use the food pyramid chart as a guideline.

Remember to drink two litres of water a day, also to much water can often remove vital minerals from your liver.


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