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Candida is a yeast infection caused by an overgrowth of fungus within our body’s digestive system.

Symptoms for Candida infections

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • White discharge
  • Sirius

The best way to treat infection of yeast is through natural means.

The Candida diet is the most successful way of treating this infection.

The diet rules are

  • Drink plenty of water 2 ½ litres per day
  • Eat raw vegetables
  • Avoid sugars, fermented foods and salts
  • Take fish oils, vitamins B12 and a vitamin D

Method of treatment


First it Performs a colon cleanse.

This begins the parasite removal that repopulates the good bacteria of your intestinal tract while killing off Candida.

Then Perform a kidney and lung cleanse. The liver and gall bladder flush.

Begin Candida detox, help your mind and grow your energy.

Move on to healing and maintenance.

This article is aimed to give you knowledge on Candida, if you suffer from the symptoms please contact your local doctor before you start the diet.


The Candida diet is not easy and should be treated seriously, as a fully certified fitness professional and nutritionist I cant emphasis how important it is to seek professional help on this diet.


Because the diet targets the full digestive system the side effects can be difficult and your energy levels need to be replenished.

My brother completed the Candida diet a few months ago, it was successful but he lost an enormous amount of weight and struggled with energy output, the diet left him tired all day and often suffered headaches and slight depression.


Beware and please see a professional before attempting the diet.


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