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When exercise one of the most important processes or methods often missed is relaxation.

High energy muscular workouts can sometimes place stress on our body.

It’s just as important to relax and gain extra health and muscular benefits.

I always recommend that my clients should start simple yoga techniques before hitting the gym or using the bands.

Yoga or Pilate’s are great exercise programs with awesome benefits for your body and mind.

Try this simple meditation technique to silence and relax you body ,mind and soul.

Benson meditation technique.

Dr Herbert Benson was an American doctor, most of his patients suffered from high blood pressure and stress related illness’s.

Dr Benson devised a simple method of relaxation, this technique targeted the relaxation of the brain. It was created  from a variety of Eastern and Western methods of meditation.

The four factors are simple :

1.Find a quite place

2.Use a short word phase and repeat over and over

3.Adopt a positive attitude – (not just relaxing)

4.Be in a comfortable position

The relaxation response can be achieved by following some simple instructions,

  • Benson suggested the word ‘One’ ,repeat this word or one similar .
  • It has been encouraged to use a word with more personal value to help deepen the relaxation period,
  • You should repeat on the out breath for five minutes then continue with normal breath patterns.

Repeating this word continuously will help thoughts drift away and once this has happened silence will be received  and the brain will relax.

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