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Often we think that following the government guide lines will keep us healthy and that the foods contain all the goodness we need in our lives, the truth is that much of the goodness like vitamins and minerals  are lost during food preparation.

Do you know when vegetables are boiled they lose most of their vitamin C content. This is due to the  heated water that removes goodness from inside our vegetables. Vitamin C is also lost through light, air and heat, all eventuly effect our fresh vegetables and fruits. Boiling is ideal for potatoes only.

The best way to cook your veggies is the Asian way, most goodness is held inside and locked away, not disolved into a large pan of wasted water.

Cook your veggies by shallow frying in a little vegetable oil, this method of cooking will help you seal the vegetables and keep all vitamin and mineral goodness inside.

Steaming food is very healthy, just remember you shouldn’t over steam as this can give you the same result as boiling, best method of steaming is how the  french say ‘ al dente’ meaning ‘ crisp to the bite’

The best of all is bye eat raw vegetables, this keeps all the  nutrients or minerals from your foods fresh and healthy. Wash first before consuming and chose you vegetables wisely, I wouldn’t think that chewing on a raw potato we be the greatest taste in the world, while some others would disagree.


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