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A question with a reasonable answer

Why do we diet?

Do we diet so that we can lose weight? Yes, obvious you might think, but often wrong. There are an enormous range of diets on the market today, which don’t live up to there expectations.

Fact just 3% of all diets work!

First you have to find the right diet for you, as our body’s are all different from each other, just because it works for her doesn’t mean it will work for you.

For example, your friend has been handed you the latest hype diet, in which this information tells her about the amazing lost 2lbs of weight over the last three weeks, Do you think you could lose the same in such short time ?

If your answer is ‘Yes!’ then think twice ! Each human body is different from the next and what works for one person may not work for you. If it does then normally this will mean that the diet is not aiming at just fat but muscle tissue as well, once you lose muscle its near enough impossible to replace it !

Muscle tissue known as lean tissue, its important in our body, as lean tissue burns fat and calories, the bigger the muscle the more fuel it needs to burn.

If starting a new diet plan contact your local G.P. Show them the plan in which your interested in starting

Remember the key to losing weight is regular fitness and a balanced diet.



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