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Super joint workout

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Exercise reps sets Guide


Squats 50 2 Stand up straight, maintain shoulders over feet, slowly arch back and press buttocks out behind make sure you keep control at all times. 


Side bends 50 2 Stand straight, knees soft (slightly bent) bring hands either side of body, bring one hand to armpit and move other to knee, repeat this by alternating. 


Press ups 





Keep back parallel to the floor at all times, hands over shoulders and feet together lower your body slowly to the floor until inline with body then raise to full length
Forward bends 





Keeping legs together arch your back and touch your feet, then bring your body to the upright position and repeat
Straight arm butterfly raises 





Start by standing straight with arm out wide forming the cross position, with your hands make circles small then make larger until large butterfly motion (like swimming) is achieved like
Torso turns 





Start the same position as butterfly but this time we keep arms the same and twist the hip, so facing front with arms out twist your upper body left and then right.
Standing push up 50 2  

Stand straight with your knees bent do the press up moment fast, reach out with your arms then bring back in line with body like a fast kung fu move


One legged 50 2 Lift one leg off the floor make sure you maintain balance slowly lower yourself on one when you feel strain stop and bring yourself back to start position leg remaining from the floor repeat until set is finished



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