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Interval training is a high and low intensity workout joined together so that you can become fit quickly.

Ideal for beginners to fitness who cannot train at high intensity levels, Also can be great for advanced trainers who want to take themselves to the next level.

Circuit training is a variation of interval training and resistance training can be used.

If you follow a few simple techniques in your trainig plan you can see the best way for fitness.

Warm up = when warming up get the heart at 50% max heart rate for 5 minutes, this will increase the bodies output ready for the main session.


Main = Interval is the key for the main session, its important to use interval training and has  been proven to be best training for the human body, making us fitter and faster quicker. Inverval training is easy to follow, all you need is a watch and a boost of energy and your ready to do the session.


Interval for example, on a rowing machine;

Row for 2 minutes on level 7, 90% max heart rate

Then row for 3 minutes on level 10, 35% max heart rate

Repeat this method six times.

Also this method can be used in cycling, rowing , running or swimming.

For more info on personal interval training please email info@fitnesshealth.co.uk



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