Western diet

Western Diet

Important vitamins and minerals are often found in low levels the western diet often lacks in vitamins C, D & K and minerals Magnesium, Iron & Selenium.

Its good to replace these essential vits and mins with supplements, all you need is a daily multi vitamin to achieve a full required daily intake.

High cholesterol within the western diet is common, high fatty food  servings are on the raise when these foods should only be consumed as little as possible. Servings one per day from high fatty foods, these foods are things such like chocolate, ice cream, crisps, bakery items and deep fried foods.

Intake of  lean meat and dairy products are  great for muscle building and play an  important role in muscle maintenance. They also contain most of these vitamins and minerals, stay away from burnt meat as this can promote cancer and all the nutrients are often lost when over cooking.

The best way to eat your vegetables are rare when possible, as most of the nutrients are in high levels the same with meats like beef.



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