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Your bike information has been released from the British Department for transport,  overall  bicycle journeys have a decrease by 17% in the last 27  years, but the bike is making a come back.

Recent sales of bicycles in the last 24 months have increased by 50% , checkout the cyclescheme.co.uk the UK government is releasing Cycle to work tax breaks, these breaks  could help you save 45% off a new bikes RRP.

Especially as fuel prices on the raise everyday this is a great reason to find that two wheeled deal, tax increasing  across the country can benfit your health, find the alternative and succeed.

It’s worth your time, check out and see what can work for you.  Did you know that a 13-stone man with burn 173 calories on average for every 30 minute bike journey, both ways thats 346 calories a day.

Also a few extras are no road tax, no parking fee’s and feeling energised each day.

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