why have a slow metabolism

As a fitness professional , I can’t tell you how many times I hear this statement.

The truth of this matter, unfortunately over the 10,000 years our genetics have not changed much. In fact they have change 1% over this time, I find it hard to imagine an overweight caveman being chased by a T-rex.

This does not mean that obesity and overweight people are to blame, the problem has grown over the last twenty years, the numbers of obesity have doubled. These are some reasons for the increases;

  • Job changes ( increase office jobs)
  • Refined sugary foods (man made foods)
  • High carb foods( Breads, cakes and bakery products)

Recent studies have shown that when the government  guidelines were introduced in 1984, obesity doubled in the two years that followed, since then they have tripled.

People and government agencies have conducted survey after survey,  test after test, and still no answer has been released.

The truth, the guidelines are wrong and they need to be revised.

If you are obese and you want to lose weight, the best way is to reduce man made products such as ; Bread, wheat, cakes, pastries, pasta and bakery items.

Increase natural foods ; fruit ; vegetables; meat (cuts); proteins and good fats.

Exercise will help you lose weight, first diet with the natural foods until you feel your energy levels rise.

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