Goverment food guidelines don’t work !

A high protein & fat diet has worked well for some body builders these days, such restrictions as were present a few years ago may not apply as readily (your body needs different foods in order to shock itself into growth; how will it burn fat if it’s not getting any).

New evidence shown about the government food guidelines has been exposed, in the UK the government held a controlled survey in which they took 50,000 people and feed 30,000 a lower calorie diet. The other 20,000 followed government guidelines and consumed 300 calories more per day.

After 7 years of monitoring these two groups the outcome was shocking, it showed that the group of 30,000 people that consumed 300 less calories per day held just a 1% difference from the group which consumed average daily calories, a staggering 175,000 more calories were consumed more than the diet controlled.

Over the seven years this evidence shows that calorie controlled diets do not work!

We have to go back and rewrite the guidelines !

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