Signs of dehydration

Signs of dehydration

Percentages and levels of dehydration ( loss of water) with signs and symptoms.

  • 1% loss = thirsty
  • 2-3% loss = body heat grows higher
  • 4% loss = decrease in endurance performance 20%-30%
  • 5-6% loss = Heat cramp, chill & nausea
  • 6-10% loss = dizzy & headaches
  • 10% + loss = heat stroke, no sweat or urine

Most of us will realise we often see these levels of dehydration immediately, between  levels 1-3%  water loss our bodies start the process of dehydration.

Hot weather conditions can also effect the levels of dehydration, any activity in which the body is lossing water will effect the bodies water balance.

Re hydration

To stay hydrated you need to drink  water every 10-15 minutes during exercise
water can travel to the skin in 9-18 minute.

Exercise, work or fun remember to keep a good supply of fresh water at all times, de hydration is the most common cause of exercise sickness.

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