Wild Mushroom and goats cheese bruschetta


Serves 2-4 entrée,

*Vegetarian, nut free & dairy free optional

**Meat can be added **

  • 100g Wild Mushroom
  • 30g Butter
  • 2 Cloves garlic
  • 20ml Olive oil EV
  • 100g Goats Cheese
  • 1 Fresh baked Baguette
  • Half cup fresh Marjoram
  • Pinch Salt & Pepper


Bake Fresh baguette recipe, prepare mushrooms, and remove stalks, if from dry soak for 20 minutes and drain.

Heat pan high heat, add 20ml oil just before smoke then garlic brown off and place mushrooms in pan.

Pre heat oven 170 c or gas mark 6

Keep mushrooms on the move make sure then don’t burn, after browned 2 – 3 minutes add remaining butter & Marjoram.

Season with salt and pepper, be careful with salt if using salted butter no requirement.

Using chopping board slice baguette at 45 degree angle, then place on baking try drizzle with the rest of olive oil place in pre heated oven for 2 minutes

Remove from oven turn over the baguette ovals and place mushroom mix on top, break goats cheese on top and place back in oven for another 5-6 minutes until brown.

Finish with fresh herbs and a glaze either truffle oil, balsamic or salsa.

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