Vitamin Source Involved with
A  Retinol or carotene Liver, dairy produce, eggs, carrots & green leaf veg Visual processes, connective tissue, skin
B1  Thiamin Meat, whole grains, legumes & nuts Carbohydrate metabolism, CNS function
B2 Riboflavin Liver, dairy produce, meat, cereal Carbohydrate metabolism, Vision & skin
B6 Pyridoxin Meat, fish, green leaf veg, legumes & whole grains Protein metabolism, red blood cell formation, CNS function
B12 Cyanocobalamin Meat, fish & dairy produce Red blood cell formation & CNS function
Niacin Liver, meat, fish , nuts & cereal products Carbohyrate and fat metabolism
Folic acid Liver, legumes, green leaf veg Regulates growth of cells incudling red blood cells
C  Ascorbic acid Grenn leaf veg, fruit, potatoes & white bread Connective tissue, iron, healing infection, absorption/,metabolism
D  Calciferols Dairy produce, sunlight on skin Calcium meatbolism, bones & teeth
E  tocopherols Vegetable oils,   liver, green leaf veg, dairy produce & whole grains Protects vitamins A & C  and protects form fatty acids from destruction in body ( anti-oxidant)
K Grenn leaf veg & liver Prevents clotting of blodd &increases fat digestion

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