Natural remedies

Natural remedies with juice !

Reasons for juice

  1. Nutrients are broken down easy for the body to digest therefor make the nutrients easy to absorb.
  2. Consuming raw vegetables & fruit more concentrated phyto-nutrients , meaning that ½ cup of  tomato juice equates to nutritionally 500g of raw tomatoes.
  3. Juice is rich with antioxidants which help battle against disease.

Fruit & Vegetable Juices that target ailments.

Acne – Carrots, spinach, celery and cucumber.

Arthritis – Celery, cucumber and carrot.

Blood Pressure – Celery & cucumber or celery & parsley.

Choric fatigue – Carrots, beetroot, parsley, spinach and garlic.

Constipation – Carrots, spinach, beetroot, cabbage, apple and grapes.

Gout – Celery, cucumber ,carrot,  tomatoes, beetroot and spinach.

Headache – Apple, spinach, carrot , broccoli and cabbage.

Sore Throat – Celery

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