Weight Management Action Plan (personal)

Weight management action plan

For Example, using a achieving the weight management action plan to lose 10lbs of fat over  three months, we will need to calculate their RMR to see how many kcal their body will burn in one day (at rest).

So in this case we will be working on following a fitness program, we need to calculate the BMR, we do this by X the BMR by50%. Reason for this if she or he  has a busy lifestyle she will need the extra kcal for energy.

Next we calculate the weight which the client wants to loose, We do this by first working out the amount of kcal in 1lb (3500kcal = 1lb body fat) then we work out the total of calories meaning that 10lbs = 35000 kcal.

We can now see how much kcal we have to loose, the easiest way is to break down the total into a daily kcal reduction, divide the  kcals over three, two or one month.

eg. 500 kcal  per day.

So, this way we can see the goal which is set and what needs to be achieved to reach that goal. We will be monitoring the clients achievements each week on weighing scales.

Still recording the food in the weekly diary this is so that we can look over the dairy each week, this is so that we can carry on monitoring what foods have been consumed and we can keep an up to date record of the clients progress.

(1 kg = 25kcal)

70kg X  25kcal = 1750 kcal BMR
1750 X 1.5 = 2625 Kcal / Day energy requirement

2625 – 500 = 2125 kcals per day to be consumed by client.

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