Tin white bread loaf

recipe followed makes 9 loaves


2500ml water

250g butter

250g yeast

3800g flour

25g salt

50g sugar

25g lin seed (ground)


  1. place all dry ingredients and butter in mixer, and leave for on mix 10 minutes so that all ingredients are well mixed together and butter has been worked into flour
  2. add tepid water water to mixture and mix well for 5 minutes , then speed up and and mix for a further 5 minutes remember to add a little water to soften dough, flour will soak small amounts of water just mix well until light and soft
  3. once mix is ready take out and knead light and leave prove for 15-20 minutes in humid area, make sure cover with damp cloth
  4. then cut into 450g amounts and knead into bread loaf’s, place in baking tin  prove for another 40 minutes until risen double amounts then place into pre heated oven on 180c for 40 minutes
  5. once done remove from oven and place on cooling rack
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