new year, new plan, follow a smarter way

At the beginning of every new year we look to improve our health. This time of year is  often were people start the fitness search looking for training plans and way people can help to change some important health issues. Weather your goal is to lose weight , stop smoking or become healthier, choose the SMARTER way.

When setting a new goal we often forget to add the specific element into our program, for example,’I want to lose weight ? ‘ how much weight would you like to lose ? and by when ? Do you mind putting all the weight back on in three months ?

One of the best ways to health check your goals when setting your program is by using the SMARTER principles.

Specific (What exercise ?)

I want to lose weight X

I need to lose 5 lbs ?

Measurable (Planning for steady increase)

I want more stamina X

I want to play with my children without feeling tired and out of breath afterwords ?

Achievable (Can i achieve my target ?)

I want to drop two dress sizes in three weeks in time for my holiday X

I want to embark on a sensible weight loss program, to reduce my cloths size over the next 12 weeks ?

Realistic (Will i reach my aim ?)

I wont to run a marathon X

I wont to start a fitness program based around running so that increase my stamina and fitness so that i will be able to complete a marathon ?

Time (How long ?)

I want to get a toned stomach X

I want to incorporate more abdominal exercises into my fitness program ?

Enjoy (Don’t put anything you don’t like into your program )

I don’t like running, but i hear that its the best exercise for the body X

I don’t like running, i enjoy swimming ?

Relevant ( Your interest !)

My husband wants me to lose a few pounds and tone up X

I want to take charge of my health and make positive changes in my life ?

By following these steps when we start writing our programme we can simplify the changes that need to be made, also making sure that we are starting a plan which is right for us and will meet our goals.

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