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The most effective process for building muscle is by using a super set strategy, this super set strategy is called negative set training. When we focus on a negative set training program we aim using heavy loads normally 1o0% -120% 1 Rep max the training must always be completed with one or more training partners.

Because we will be lifting a load which is not possible for ourselves to lift, we will be needing assistance in doing so. Also make sure that you have 3 mins to recover after every rep before cautioning on with the next set.

The training plan focuses on eccentric (lengthening of Muscle) movement, when proceeding with the eccentric movement with a overload of weight we tear our muscle fibers. It is important to consume protein when on a muscle gain program, just remember you only need to intake 1.7 to 1.8 grams of protein per kg per day for heavy strength training.

Example: If working on the chest (pectoral) muscles using a weights bench with free weight and a bar you would need two training partners one on either end.

  • Place add 10-20% percentage more load on the individuals 1 rep max
  • assistance will be needed to lift the weight of the stands by the training partners
  • The person laying on the weights bench should be in the position to take the load
  • both arms out shoulder length apart with knuckles facing towards the sky
  • The partners then asks the person laying on the bench ‘ready’
  • they lift the load and move the bar to the correct position inline with the middle of the chest
  • the say ‘your bar’
  • Person replies ‘my bar’
  • The weight is then transferred to the single person, the partners should have there hands still under the bar in case the weight is to much
  • lower the bar slowly when the bar reaches 6cm from chest the partner steps in and relieves the load from the person on the bench.
  • Increase when needed repeat 3-4 times per set.
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