What’s the best level to burn fat, using heart rate monitors?

Training with heart rate monitors is very precise and is great for keep an accurate reading of our body's working level. But what are  the best level for fat burning ? 

between 60-70% of are maximum heart rate is the best fat burning zone, is this enough? the truth as a fitness professional, i feel to burn fat you need more motivation and energy. Training at 60%-70% often puts you in a world of easy fitness exercise and most people tend to fall out  5 minutes before finishing their goal.

A recent study shows that undergoing a interval fat burning cardiovascular exercise can help you gain more benefits in weight lose and muscular development. Rather than keeping in the fat burning zone when your exercising at  60%-70% MHR, try interval training it’s  a prefect lard busting exercise and see see better results. Also it keeps you interested in your workout as doing the same rueteen over and over can be boring.

For Interval training plans please follow, cardio fitness programmes  !

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